The series of six books follow in sequence, however, they are perfectly readable as stand alone books. It adds to the reader’s participation, to track the challenging passing of time, and the pursuit of the truth.

2.The Search

Life has changed for Coco, 20 years in a miserable Spanish jail has not weakened her resolve to track down her son. Cruelly taken from her at Birth, by the Court, and handed to the biological father, Jerry Bruntley.

JoJo Carglinas meets her outside the prison gates and lavishes wealth and money upon her. Coco is wary and plays it cool, accepting the gifts and luxury.

Her late Mother has left her a significant inheritance, which comes as a shock, again another positive to move forwards with, but is it all too good to be true?

Ingrid Boaden joins her in her search for her lost son and the story criss crosses the World from the UK to Japan to Canada. Every step adds a twist and the Sapo Verde Empire seem to be just one step ahead of her, but for what purpose, she has no idea?

Melanie Preston is still embedded within the Mafia run Sapo Verde and Coco is highly suspicious of their motives. She feels alone, not sure who is a friend, in her ever fluctuating life.

Coco begins to spend her vast inheritance, successfully launching a chain of Coffee Shops under the ‘Bomy’ brand. She meet Bjorn Free from the old days in Nerja, and suddenly the World begins to evolve into a better place. Kindred spirits, both educated about life the hard way.

She meets the owner of Ashtimo, the Worlds largest privately owned conglomerate based in Japan, and a young man named Rani Delaware who bothers her, but why?

If only she can clear the buffering in her mind, regarding her son, who seems to have disappeared into thin air?

Sapo Verde has a Project and it spells danger at every turn. JoJo Carglinas has a fiery ambition, and nothing will stand in her way, especially Coco Cicorre.

BOOK 3.The Don’s Star

The third book in the series gathers new characters. The storyline becomes more complex when old rivals, presumed dead,  collide when Bjorn Free becomes involved with a new singer, Star. She is the daughter of Melanie Preston, which also brings her into direct contact with Coco. A new type of Bomb has emerged and the link is Japan and the Ashtimo company.

The World id facing many terrorist threats and the clandestine Gadosh Mitsvah are challenged to eradicate the menace of a World War developing. Their methods are indiscriminate and not for the squeamish. Scotland Yard’s D11 force uncover a well-respected man in Paris who delights in sadistic rituals of stripping females of their body skin. The press labels him the Skin Crucifixioner, but his establishment connections prove the perfect alibi.

BOOK 4.Loser blinks first

Gadosh Mitsvah begins their programme called The Arab  Spring as the World teeters on the brink of a Religious War. From the invasion of Iraq, to conflict in South America those in Power struggle to find a solution. The truth is always just out of reach.

As humanity fears for survival, a break through in health care for the major cause of death in the World is nearing a positive conclusion. A joint Foundation is created to push the development to the World in a fair and equal format. Coco Cicorre is the main driving force as she embarks on another challenge in her life.

Behind the terrorist threat lies a sinister establishment motive to orchestrate hatred and destruction on a level unknown to Mankind. Is it really the only path to a final solution?

 BOOK 5.One France

Coco Cicorre is approached by a consortium of high-level business people, and those within influential circles in France, to run for President. Her vision is unmatched and supported by Gadosh Mitsvah, in their inimitable and resolute acceptance that innocent people are expendable.

Her ‘One France’ concept is simply staggering and changes perceptions around the World. The hatred and suspicions of Religion are faced head on, as the new order attempts to calm the fears of the ordinary, often forgotten, people in France, and the wider world.

The old financial systems and black market dealers are under threat, and organized crime and drug dealers fight back. The battle is short lived as Coco holds all the right cards and has the Country behind her, and Gadosh Mitsvah.

The infamous ‘Playboy Terrorist,’ Taqi Ali, defaults on a deal with a ruthless Russian splinter group, called 1649, who hunt for him in a relentless charge of terror and violence.  He is offered protection from an unexpected cradle of goodwill, a one chance compromise from within Establishment circles, people who have already destroyed his reputation, with their carefully orchestrated strategy.

Their goodwill comes with a price and he is not sure who to believe, his platform in the Middle East hierarchy is under serious threat, forcing his hand.  He takes the hand shake of life and limited freedom from deaths doormat.

Gadosh Mitsvah clutches at the future of Mankind until the leadership changes hands and the ugly flag of WW2 raises it’s brutal red and black banner of hate and dominance. The Power struggle splinters into factions…

BOOK 6.God only knows

This is the final incredible book in the series of 6 titled Coco’s Story.  The book is set in 2025 and is a fast moving thriller involving Islamic State and the World’s intelligentsia.  Top leaders come together with an ambitious strategy to end hostilities, in a most unconventional way.

The trail of destruction, deceit and impossible decisions will make this book controversial and a must read.

Without giving away the enormity of decisions Coco Cicorre and Governments face, I have deliberately kept this synopsis to a minimum.

What is the final resolution? Could you imagine the responsibility to make such a decision? And are you confident who, and which, Organization are acting on behalf of the World?

I promise you a sensational ending….Tomas