Sept 1. review of 6 books by Jim Collis.

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Reader reviews all 6 Coco’s Story books

Thanks, Jim. Much appreciated TB.

By Amazon CustomerJames Collis on 30 August 2017

Tomas Berlin. is a very intelligent, creative and well-informed author.
I have read all six books, in the Coco’s story, they are a must read, with an entertaining, gripping and unexpected finale’.
Having lived in a similar part of Spain, as Coco, in the mid 60’s, to mid 70’s. (The Early Years), Tomas Berlin, has done excellent research, as I can identify with not only the lifestyle but also places and events.
Moving on some 20 years, book 2 (The Search), Coco’s story continues, with more interesting, intriguing characters. Moving temporarily away from Spain, France, and the UK, the storyline continues in Japan and Canada, where the author has created a fantastic page turner, with a unique continuation of Coco’s story.
Being of Swedish descent, the author has again really done his research, to lifestyles, places, and events, especially in Gothenburg, where I lived for some 20 years, ( The Don’s Star ).
Moving on to books 4 (Losers Blink First) and book 5, (One France), equally, must read. This brings us to the final storyline in Coco’s exciting life (God Only Knows).
This is a fascinating ending to Coco’s story. It demonstrates the authors understanding and expertise in world affairs and particularly in recent political groups. This is set in the year 2025, some 8 years to the future, The ending is intelligent, complex, with intriguing characters, with a gripping plot.
Can’t wait to read Tomas Berlin’s new paperback, ‘That’s Another Story.’

Jim Collis

Coco’s Story – 6 books live. Book 7 launches early due to demand.This book is not part of the Coco series.

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My new, stand alone novel has launched 2 weeks early following email requests from you guys. I do need sleep you know! Anyway, the book is live on Amazon or through this web site link. The new book is called “That’s Another Story” and is about the most famous footballer the World has ever seen but is that enough for him? A synopsis can be read from my home page link.

The full Book Set of Coco’s Story is now live. Books are all listed on Amazon and I am receiving favourable comments on book one, ‘the early years.’

This book is a ‘little raunchy’ and covers those mad years when we all discover the joys of leaving teenage years in the past, and start making our own decisions. (I have to own up to one complaint from a lady who stopped her husband reading the book in bed as it made him a little too ‘frisky.’) Be they good or bad, never look back with sadness, whatever route you take creates your very own individual character. Of course, if you want to be an MP, that’s another matter…

I hope readers follow the series through Coco’s amazing life, full of chaos, love, mystery, sex, violence and some unbelievable achievements. I have interjected the areas of sadness with humour, and throughout my own life, I have found this a brilliant therapy, when you need a lift. Or elevator, if you are reading this in the USA? Does n’t seem to go so well in context?

The characters are many, and the plot changes gear more often than Lewis Hamilton, so maintain your concentration.

I am already planning my next book, which at present is a stand alone book, but that’s what I thought when I wrote book 1 in Coco’s Story series!  If you are thinking about writing your own book DO IT! I would love to hear from anyone who is dithering on this subject, so email me and I will add my encouragement in droves.  Talk soon, everybody.  Tomas. x