Born in Herne Bay, Kent, I spent my teenage years in the famous seaside resort of Margate.

I moved to Spain in 1973 buying a bar, two of the best years of my life and many references can be found in book one. I also lived in Cape Town, South Africa which was another crazy adventure, lasting close to 2 years. Both experiences gave me a wealth of stories to tell, and enhance, and laid a foundation for my life ambition to write a book.

I sent most of my working career in the car industry working for both of the large Swedish car companies reaching a senior level. Learning from the Swedish way of life was really beneficial and I learned a great deal about quality of life from these connections.

Later I took over a small football club in London and used the business and customer service skills I had l developed throughout my career, to build the teams from 9 to 40 inside 3 years. The club was the first to take kids into their training academy at the age of 3 and this was a really exciting and rewarding venture.

Coco’s Story started out as one single book but I could n’t live without the characters I had created, and book 2 started very soon after following favourable comments from those who read my first edition. Often writing for hours and hours, usually into the early morning, I finished books 2 to 5 within 8 months. The final book took me 3 months and several moments of anguish, as I crafted a dangerous scenario surrounding the fragile state of World peace.

From book one, ‘the early years’ a slightly raunchy account of young life in the sun, to book 6 set in 2025, which will have you guessing the end, it makes solving Rubik’s Cube look like a simplistic game of snap.

I live in North London and have 2 sons aged 21 and 22. I was divorced 15 years ago and my sons have been my obsession in life and my driving force. I owe them a great deal.

I am more than happy to correspond with readers and look forward to hearing your views. Please do not hesitate.

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